Sam Hing Scales Factory Limited

Testing and Calibration Laboratory (Reg. No. HOKLAS 148)

Our laboratory was accredited by HOKLAS of Hong Kong in 2004. We provide services to the public with weighing instruments and standard masses calibration. HOKLAS is an accreditation scheme operated by Hong Kong Accreditation Service (HKAS). The scheme is open to voluntary participation from any Hong Kong laboratory that performs objective testing and calibration falling within the scope of the Scheme and meets the HOKLAS criteria of competence.

The official scope of our laboratory calibration services that are accredited by HOKLAS can be found

Calibration Scope
Electronic Balance and Scale

From 5g to 100,000kg

Standard Mass

From 1g to 1,000kg

HOKLAS Endorsed Calibration Certificate

The content of our HOKLAS endorsed calibration certificate contains the following test results:

    Balance and scale
  • A1 Repeatability
  • A2 Correction to balance reading
  • A3 Eccentricity loading
  • A4 Hysteresis (optional)
  • Expanded uncertainty of correction
  • Expanded uncertainty of weighing
  • Limit of performance
    Standard Mass
  • Conventional mass correction
  • Expanded uncertainty of correction


Why should I use an accredited service?

Using an accredited service ensures that the service provider (laboratory, certification body, inspection body) is competent in providing the service in accordance with international standards of practice as the service to be provided has been rigorously assessed by independent technical experts.

How is “Laboratory Accreditation” different from “Quality System Registration/Certification”?

Laboratory accreditation gives assurance on the correctness and reliability of results to specific tests and calibration performed by a laboratory (i.e. the product of the laboratory). During on-site assessments, emphasis is given to evaluating the competence of the laboratory for the specific activities.

Quality system certification gives assurance that the organization is operating a compliant quality system. During on-site audits, emphasis is given to checking conformity of the system with the relevant standard. The quality of the products of the organization is not the focus of the on-site audit.

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